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We have put together a trading course for you with a reason. The reason is this trading course is written by a well known trader “Tony Hargraves” who has trained over 1000 clients in UK & Australia over past five years and he is very well respected in trading circles.

This course is excellent if you want to trade for income on Betfair full time or part time.

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I would say this is best Betfair trading strategies I have ever seen. Tony has explained every profitable strategy with clear entry and exit rules (along with live videos)

Over the next three emails, I am going to share some of Tony’s brilliant insights with you. Let’s focus on today’s agenda:-

  • Why a good betting software is required for trading
  • The secret key to profitable trading is FOCUS.

Betting Software

It's no longer possible to be a sports trader without software to place the bets for you. You simply cannot get them fast enough if you trade on Betfair website.

There's a wide range of software available out there, but Tony uses his specific one .The reason he likes it is because it isn't trying to be a tool that tries to work for everyone. This software only has one purpose... help sports traders maximise their profits.

It has everything you need to trade successfully without having to fight your way through a mass of functions you're never going to use.

You will get 7 days free trail for his great tool when you download his trading course.

The extra functions that most software includes can also cause new sports traders to fail. Why?

Because there is a loss of focus.

Which brings me to my next topic:


One of the most important skills Tony recommends as a trader is concentration and focus. It's very easy to lose focus when at your computer. There are chat messages, emails, alerts and a range of other possible distractions.

Losing focus while trading = losing money.

Which is something that we don't want to do. In order to prevent this you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you're trading in a room that you won't be disturbed in.
  2. Turn off your mobile phone and unplug any phone in the room.
  3. Log out of all messengers, email accounts and programs that alert you on your computer.
  4. Turn off all notifications on your system.

Doing this will have effectively sealed you off so that the only thing you have to focus on is... your trading!

Tony has done remarkably well by simply using above two advices.

Can you believe he has done 61 winning trades in a row? (Yes, no losing trade in between)

Check his live video now:-


I would strongly recommend buying Tony’s trading strategies now. Both the manuals – Sports & Racing – are filled with new sound and profitable Betfair money making strategies.

Trading Course Part 2 of 3

By now you would have had a chance to look on “Tony Hargraves” Betfair trading strategies which we exposed to you yesterday.

Tony has phenomenal run with his sports advisory service also. He sends daily email for all his trades well in advance. He had made 93% return on investment so far for his clients in year 2013. If you want to enroll for his sports trading advisory service, you can buy it from link provided with sports trading manual.

Now, today – I am going to share more of Tony’s insights with you today.

Tony recommends you need to select your style of trading. Trading can be executed in different styles but you need to know what suits you best.

Lay first/Back later or Back first/Lay Later

Please remember you can’t execute both the strategies. If you are doing it, it means you are planning for failure.  As a successful trader, you should define you approach and understand which of the above strategy you are comfortable with.

Lay First/Back Later

You should only execute Lay First /Back later if you have laying mindset.  Because being a layer, you can easily catch horses which are drifting in price and hence laying them now and backing them near the official start of the race.

Back First/Lay Later

You should only execute Back first/Lay later if you have backing mindset. Because being a backer, you can easily catch horses which are steaming in prices and hence backing them now and laying them near the official start of the race.

Any race will have both the above opportunities. Because if there are horses which are drifting, so there will be horses who are steaming…so always focus your eye on horse movement which matches your personality traits.

i.e. I am a Layer so, I always catch horses which are moving up in price. I never trade on any horse which steams in price.




Scalping is another quick way of making money from sports and horse trading.

Scalper is looking for movements in the market 10 minutes before the off and trying to take just one or two ticks profit numerous times before the race goes in-play.

You make a small profit each time which builds into a good overall profit.

Tony has explained sure shot way of making money using scalping. You can use his scalping technique in any sports or horses. ( Please remember you need high level of concentration in order to being a successful scalper)

Swing Trading

Swing Trading is where trader takes a position and look for a large movement in the market, i.e. a swing.

Target is just to make just one or two trades which result in a bigger profit than you would get from single scalped trade.

To trade like this you need to have a very good understanding of the market and resistance levels. Resistance levels vary with type of race…handicap race has more resistance levels than non handicap racing.

In Tony’s course you will get the knowledge of how the market reacts to certain horses can also be very useful in pinpointing larger market movements.

This style of trading will suit someone who prefers to learn when and where the big market movements take place, and who has the patience to make just a few trades each day.

The biggest cause of failure in this style of trading is waiting too long to close out the swing trade which results in the market changing direction.

Now you've got to be honest with yourself.

Look at each style of trading and the characteristics involved and choose the one that you're going to focus.

Make your own choice first and stick to it.



I am sure, you would have enjoyed above insights from Tony’s piece of work. His course will give you the edge which you have been missing for years.

Get on to his course now Click here

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Trading Course Part 3 of 3


To be honest, if you are serious about making trading a second income, then try it now

Tony has explained his all betfair strategies with clear written rules (entry& exit) along with loads of live trading videos.

Today, I am going to share more of Tony’s insights with you. You MUST use them if you want to be a profitable trader:-

  • Stay away from races with runners less than 5 and horses less than 1.8


These markets often have a lot of money in them (first two favorites carry 90% of total money matched) and they move very slowly. You can’t do swing trading in such races and scalping is tough also because price movement is very slow.  So, simply avoid such races.

  • Don’t assume automated stop loss


You should in control of your trading all the times. You should decide when do you want to get out or want to stick a little longer.  If you use an automated stop loss then it's harder to change your mind in the middle of a trade.

  • See yourself as a  trader & not a punter


Don’t trade for the sake of trading. Always do your research and then do the trade. When you subscribe to Tony’s sports advisory service, you will be amazed to see how much research he does before every game. (It always helps)

  • Accept losses too.


Losses affect our mental status more than profits. You should accept losses with same grace as you do for profits. Detach yourself from profits & losses completely. Always try to cut your losses and let the profits run. (Don’t look for daily P & L but it should be done weekly)

  • Trading approach varies with race type.


You can’t trade all kinds of races with same approach. I.e. you can’t trade handicap, non handicap or a maiden race using same trading strategy. This is the biggest reason why people lose in trading. You need to understand every race has different support or resistance points depending on its race type
Above is only handful of tips from Tony. You should buy the best ever trading guide written on Betfair trading by Tony, the professional trader, and start your trading journey now.

I am sure you will get the cutting edge difference in your trading when you employ Tony’s methods.

I strongly recommend you check it out.


All the best,


P.S. If you haven't downloaded your free BetTrader Evolution trial yet then get it now, you're going to need it for sure.



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